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6 Fun Facts About Boilers That Will Change Your Mind

Boiler Facts

Are you undecided about whether or not you want to install a new boiler in your Vancouver, BC home? Maybe you are not yet aware of how they can help drastically cut your heating costs and improve indoor your air quality.

Here are 6 fun facts about the new condenser boilers that will change your mind and have you calling your plumber for a quote for installation.

Fun Fact 1 - Boilers Don’t Boil Water, They Merely Warm It Up

Boiler QuestionThe water that is used to heat pipes for radiant heating only needs to be heated to about 60 degrees to provide radiant heating to every nook and cranny of your home.

Most boilers can be programmed to reach the boiling point of 140 degrees, but this would take a great deal of natural gas.

It would also cost you twice as much money to use all that gas. Furthermore, moving boiling water through your pipes is also likely to heat your home to an unbearable temperature.

Fun Fact 2 - Boilers Provide Dry Radiant Heat at the Flick of a Switch

Working BoilerRadiant heat comes from the water that has been warmed in the boiler and sent to pipes behind the walls and beneath the floor.

This is an incredibly efficient and green way to heat your home because the water used is always recycled.

The water in the pipes is heated by the boiler, which expands the water in the pipes and sends it circulating all over the building.

When water cools naturally, it then travels down to the boiler to be reheated and moved through your pipes again and again. To turn the unit off and on, you simply turn a switch off and on.

Fun Fact 3 - High Water Pressure Pushes Hot Water through Your Pipes

Water PressureBoilers are water-based systems, so it is not surprising that they require high water pressure to operate properly.

The pipes must be full of warmed water, or the higher floors in your home will not be heated. If your water pressure is not sufficient, the empty pipes will fill with vapor and the entire system will stall.

An issue like this can disable the cycle of moving water from the boiler throughout the home, all using your home's piping system.

Fun Fact 4 - Boilers Don’t Add Moisture to the Air

HumidityOlder pipes and radiators have been known to add a bit of steam to the air, which is why people often mistakenly think that boiler systems add humidity to the air.

There is no need to have a concern about this with modern systems, which do not add a drop of moisture to your indoor atmosphere.

This is because they are self-contained systems without flues or exhaust vents.

Fun Fact 5 – A New Boiler Can Cut Your Heating Costs By 90%!

Save MoneyThe first step in saving money on your heating costs is to switch from oil or electricity to natural gas.

Natural gas is the fuel of choice for operating a new boiler because it is so clean an efficient.

Although installing a new boiler can cost as much as five thousand dollars, the long-term savings can make it worth it.

Fun Fact 6 – Boilers Reduce Environmental Pollution

Energy Efficient BoilerCondenser boilers are sealed and self-contained having no way of emitting toxic fumes and carbon monoxide into the air.

This saves you from breathing in the particulates and odors associated with older boiler models. As they are so energy efficient, condenser boilers qualify as being a green appliance.

A consulting HVAC expert can help explain how investing in a new boiler can benefit your particular situation. To summarize, the benefits ten to be lower fuel costs, air-quality, and efficiency.

If there is anything that you don’t understand about how the system works, an HVAC professional can also explain that to you as well as give you a quote about how much your total boiler installation will cost.