Port Moody Maintenance Services

Are you looking for ac heating and plumbing maintenance services in the Port Moody area? Contact Lambert Plumbing & Heating, Ltd today at 604-734-0890 for immediate service.

Lengthen your systems life while staying away from plumbing emergencies with regular upkeep.
By routinely organizing upkeep you can conserve you hundreds of bucks in surprise and excess emergency situation expenses by stopping any kind of needless repair works or pricey substitutes.

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Lambert Heating & Plumbing gives maintenance services for all neighborhoods in the Greater Port Moody location.ort Moody area.

If you notice that your heating, air, or plumbing conditioning system makes a grinding, hissing or squeaking noise, or that something appears a little bit off, there may not be an emergency however having it serviced can prevent a bigger problem. Give us a call, or merely deliver us a message, and we'll help you figure it out.

Right here are a few caution indications to watch out for:

  • Your boiling water tank is leaking.
  • There's a pinhole in your copper pipeline.
  • You're still acquiring "shocked" in the shower.
  • Your kitchen area drainpipe isn't doing its task.
  • The drain in the tub is leaking.
  • The toilet is frequently filling the bowl with water.
  • There is an extremely bad odor showing up with the bath drainpipe.
  • Your water heating system is running out so swiftly now.
  • There seems to be a sewer gas smell in the basement.
  • Your toilet keeps flushing unexpectedly without any certain factor.
  • The cooking area faucet isn't functioning well.
  • Your furnace has reduced.
  • Your central heating boiler broke.
  • Your central heating boiler is on fire.
  • You're cool in particular areas of your home.
  • Your furnace it louder than typical, sounds like it will remove.


If you find one or additional of these possible trouble products call our team today and routine a servicing..

Think about the complying with standards or refer to your system's service warranty.

water heater & pressure valve

Monthly Maintenance

  • Change filters as required.

Semi-Annual Maintenance

  • Condensing Gas Furnace filters.
  • Non-Condensing Gas Furnace filters.
  • Air Conditioner as required.
  • Testable backflow device.
  • Dual check valve assessment.
  • Reduced pressure backflow analysis.

Annual Service

  • Condensing Gas Furnace full service by HVAC expert.
  • Condensing Gas Boilers complete service by HVAC professional.
  • Non-Condensing Gas Boilers complete service by HVAC professional.
  • Shut off exterior plumbing installations in Winter and test in Spring.
  • Duct cleansing.

Are you looking for ac heating and plumbing maintenance services in the Port Moody area? Contact Lambert Plumbing & Heating, Ltd at 604-734-0890 for immediate service today.