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At the end of a hard day, the first thing a homeowner wants to do is relax in the comfort of their home. The last thing that anyone wants to deal with is an emergency with their heating or cooling system. It is important to always be mindful of your systems and what steps you can take in order to avoid emergencies.

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AC Repair Vancouver, BC When it comes to your HVAC needs, from installation and repair to maintenance, count on Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD. to provide you with service by highly-trained and experienced technicians. Each tech in our team individually specializes in a variety of areas such as forced air heating, hot water and boilers, so on and forth. Feel assured that with Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD., we’ve got you covered!

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What are some common AC problems?

A typical problem is air conditioner units that have not been installed incorrectly. There can be any number of reasons for this. Some contractors did not follow abide by the unit’s instructions as to how much refrigerant was necessary to function properly. This is just one example.

Another problem is that a unit leaks refrigerant. It can be easy to assume that all the unit needs is more refrigerant, but the leak has not been addressed. There are times that a unit is not receiving instructions from a thermostat. We see this problem when people use their air conditioners for the first time since the previous year.

A final problem is that an air conditioner has not been properly cleaned for many years. This lack of maintenance can result in a unit working harder in order to keep up with demand and that leads to higher energy bills.

What parts of the AC are inspected and tuned-up during professional maintenance checks?

When we inspect and tune an air conditioner unit, there are many things that our technicians do. We look at coolant levels to ensure that it matches up with the requirements of the manufacturer. Not only that, but we look to be sure that coolant pressure is correct.

Ducts are very important and we always make sure that all is well. After all, airflow is vital to any facility, and we know what we are looking for when we inspect a unit. We look at the thermostat and check to see if it is responding appropriately. We clean dust and debris from the unit and that includes the evaporator coil.

How can you tell your AC needs to be repaired?

One sign is a home or energy bill that goes up dramatically. This can be a big indicator that the unit is not working efficiently. As mentioned before, a thermostat that is not working correctly can indicate that the unit needs to be serviced. An air conditioner that is always running can indicate that something is not quite right.

Why is AC maintenance important?

Annual maintenance can decrease the possibility of a major repair from occurring. The truth is that little things can turn into big things when they are not addressed in a timely manner. Yes, there is a cost for the maintenance of a unit. However, the cost is less than what it would take to make a major repair on a unit.

At Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD., we can send one of our capable technicians over to a facility in a time that works for you. Give us a call and we will do all that we can to be of assistance.

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