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In order to maintain a working boiler system, you will need to hire a skilled HVAC company like Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD. to maintain your system. There are a few signs that you as the owner can look for that will give you a telltale sign your boiler may need repairs. Without proper repair and maintenance, your unit can become unproductive and end up costing you a lot of money in repairs and utilities.

If you notice any symptoms and are unsure about you should do about them, Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD., the boiler experts. We can quickly diagnose and give you a fair price on repair or replacement. Trust us for your Vancouver, BC boiler repair services. We promise to provide you with long term solutions and leave you 100% satisfied. Read how other customers have benefited from our services in our reviews.

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What are signs your boiler needs repairs?

Consider the following signs to determine if your unit is in need of repairs.

  • The age of your boiler. The age of the boiler system is essential. Over time, your boiler gets a lot of wear and tear; boilers that are older require upkeep and more prone to issues.

  • Unusual odors. If you smell a strong smell or a metallic odor around your boiler, call us for immediate repair. The smell may be caused by an oil or gas leak from your faulty boiler. Carbon Monoxide leaks can be fatal, so it is critical to your boiler repaired immediately.

  • Boiler failure. If you begin to notice that your house is not heating properly or even at all, there may be a problem with your unit. Muck and sludge buildup can cause your boiler to malfunction. It is essential that the proper boiler repair be made.

  • Unusual noises. Hearing noises, such as a banging or clunking sound, coming out of your boiler is a sign you may need repairs. The cause of these sounds may be due to iron deposits causing an unequal dispersal of water.

Properly maintaining your boiler system is essential to your family’s comfort, safety and warmth this winter. With cooler weather quickly approaching, it is important to call us for a maintenance check to make certain that your boiler can operate at its highest potential throughout the winter season.

How can you avoid the need for repairs?

Primarily, the best way to avoid the need for boiler repairs is to exercise proper maintenance. A boiler, like many other products and appliances, gradually runs a higher risk for breaking down or falling into disrepair the longer it goes without proper maintenance. Failing to maintain a boiler can result in many complications such as carbon monoxide pollution, fuel use inefficiency, costly repairs, and ultimately, a breakdown.

Maintaining boiler cover on your unit can also help you avoid the costly burden that repairs typically come along with. Before purchasing a boiler cover policy, ensure that your current home insurance policy doesn't already come with it included.

To reduce the strain on your boiler, you might also want to consider bleeding your radiator. This helps to release trapped air in the coils of the radiator, and in turn, evokes efficiency from the entire unit. If you notice that your radiator takes an especially long while to heat up, you might want to think about bleeding it.

How can you maintain your unit?

Of course, maintenance is the only tried and true method for keeping a boiler operating for as long as possible. There are several ways you can maintain it.

  • Turn your heating on monthly. Even during the warmer months, it's a good idea to run your heating once per month. Over time, a boiler can clog up with grit and grime due to a prolonged lack of use. Giving it something to do every now and then can prevent this.

  • Get a proper inspection every year. The best time for boiler inspections is during September and October. The inspector will look for damages, cracks on the boiler, and for possible leaks. It will likely also be turned on to be observed while in operation.

  • Keep an eye on the pressure gauge. Each boiler is different and operates at its own pressure. When starting the unit for the season, check the pressure gauge for accuracy. Compare it to the recommended reading in the manual, and monitor it at least once a month. Periodically, monitor the reading while boiler is in operation.

  • Clear objects away from the boiler. It's best to keep obstructions and other objects away from the boiler area. Keep items that can melt or catch fire easily far away from the unit. Remember, keeping the area around the boiler clear will also be helpful in the event of an emergency. When a boiler is surrounded by obstructions, it can make it hard for a professional to service it in the event of a disaster.

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