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Why Is Your Toilet Flushing Slow?

3 Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet

A slow-flushing toilet is frustrating, a common plumbing problem, but diagnosing it can be tricky. A working knowledge of how a toilet functions, the physics behind a good flush, and the proper tools and replacements are needed to diagnose and properly repair a slow flushing toilet. Lets examine three common causes of a slow-flushing toilet, below

Vancouver Plumber1. Inadequate Water Supply

Inadequate water supply and flow from the tank can be the culprit. A healthy system will have proper pressure to siphon completely and allow a fast flush and full evacuation. If this is not the case, it may be due to not enough water in the tank, the float ball not being properly calibrated or the lever not providing enough leverage.

2. Hard Water

Sometimes the issue is not the toilet itself, but the water. Hard water is water containing high mineral content and it can cause clogged lines, calcium deposits, and wear down fixtures faster than normal. A water test may be needed, and valves, tubes and other devices within the toilet may need to be replaced as a result.

3. Obstruction In The Line

An obstruction in the line can cause toilets to flush slowly by not providing enough back pressure, suction, and possibly compounding the issue with each flush. There are many places within the toilet itself and down the line that a clog may form, and potentially cause a backup in your house of dirty water from an overflowing toilet.

Should you call a plumber?

If you find yourself debating whether to call a professional or not, nine out of ten times you should quit debating and call right away. A professional plumber will be able to properly diagnose the problem with their equipment, as well as administer any tests needed to get to the root of the slow flush, and repair or replace any parts needed.

Misdiagnosed problems and botched home repairs often complicate the initial problem and cause even bigger issues. If your toilet is slow-flushing and the cause is not clearly evident upon visual inspection, do yourself a favor and let the professionals handle it and call a plumber.

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