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Why is there a weird smell coming out of my furnace?

Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

Vancouver Furnace RepairIn the fall of the year it is time to service your furnace before the cold weather begins. Keeping the furnace in tiptop shape is imperative so it will run properly in keeping your home warm which it was designed to do. Once the furnace is cleaned and serviced you can rest assured that nine times out of ten you will not face an emergency in cold weather. The maintenance of the furnace is high priority in avoiding unnecessary anxieties, and once the furnace is running smoothly, the furnace filter needs to be replaced periodically.

There are times when a homeowner fails to keep the furnace cleaned and serviced and therefore, will need repaired. Some of the signs that the furnace needs repaired would be obvious. In the early fall when you turn on your furnace always listen to determine if your furnace is running smoothly. If it seems to be bogged down, then a certified heating and cooling company should be called.

If you take a look around your furnace and notice soot or dirt, you will need to call your heating professional. This may be a sign that the furnace is load bearing, or that it needs cleaned. It is a good policy to have your furnace cleaned once a year and to keep clean filters to filter out the dust in the air exchange in the house. Your furnace needs to breathe so there should be space around the furnace to allow it to exchange the air. This is imperative for the furnace to run properly and sometimes a chimney is installed to bring in outside air.

The main sign that your furnace needs repair is when you smell gas. By this time it is imperative to call a repairman who is licensed and insured in the heating and cooling business. One of the ways to determine where the gas is leaking is by using soap suds around the joints of the pipe. A homeowner should never try to solve this problem because severe accidents can happen without the proper attention. For example, if a match is lit close to the leak it will cause a fire and an explosion. The best thing to do when smelling gas is leave the home and call for the licensed furnace repairman. They will be prompt and will have your interests at heart, and will bring your furnace back in good working order.

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