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Why is my house not warming up?

How to Know When Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune-Up

Vancouver HeatingProperly maintaining your heating unit can extend the life of the unit, reduce your utility bills, and even help to keep your family safe. Many warranties that cover heating units, including warranties from the manufacturer and home warranties, require annual tune-ups to make sure your unit is running optimally. Whether you get an annual tune-up or not, you may want to consider a tune-up whenever your unit is doing anything unusual.

You may not have even noticed it, but you have probably become accustom to the way your heating unit runs. You know how much noise it makes, how quickly it usually takes the unit to heat a room, etc. If you suspect something is not right, it is probably safe to trust your instincts.

If your heating unit is making unusual straining, grinding, squealing, or other noises, a tune-up is recommended. Another indicator that your unit is in need of a tune-up is if you have a programmed thermostat but your unit fails to come on as scheduled. If you do not have your heating unit scheduled to turn on at a particular time, you can look at whether your unit is maintaining the temperature your thermostat is set to.

Heating units can leak toxic chemicals such as gasoline and carbon monoxide. An annual tune-up can help to prevent a leak. If you smell gasoline or have a carbon monoxide alarm go off, you will want to have the heating unit looked at immediately.

A spike in your utility bills may be a signal that your heating unit is not running optimally. If you have noticed your utility bills are higher than when the unit was first installed, it may be time for a tune-up. If lowering your utility cost is not a big enough incentive, keep in mind that the increased utility bills may be an indicator of a bigger problem, and a tune-up could help prevent costly repairs.

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