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Why is my drain clogged?

Beware of Tree Root Dangers in Your Sewer Line

Vancouver PlumberTree roots may seem harmless enough. Without them your trees wouldn't grow. But they also can pose a definite problem when it comes to your drain pipes and sewer lines. These problems could cost you thousands of dollars in damage if not found in time.

Tree roots favor moist areas such as your water lines and this means a slow but sure gravitation to them. In time these roots will invade the pipes and retain blockage which causes pipes to back-up. Eventually the water will have no place to go but back inside your home.

Severing these types of problems before they become too intrusive should be left to a professional plumber or root control specialist. These experts will use cameras which can actually travel through your pipes and detect where the root problem exists. It's then essential for these specialists to rid the pipes of these pesky roots. While a problem may need to be remedied by replacement of damaged pipes, if it is found soon enough you can avoid this hassle.

Once the camera has detected the "root" of the problem the specialist can determine whether a simple dissolving agent will do or whether they need to remove the roots by abrasive brushes or scrappers. The harder root jobs will need to be eliminated by augers or a cutter that will actually cut through the roots clearing the passage. In more serious cases a path to the clogged area may need to be dug in order to get to the problem.

Once the roots have been removed you either need to get rid of the problem tree or have regular check-ups by the root specialist to make sure the problem doesn't continue. Roots do tend to return and the new ones are usually stronger than before.

As you can see this isn't a job to take on yourself. If you believe you may be on the verge of having a tree root problem then you should call a plumber or tree specialist who knows the ins and outs of root removal before the problem gets out of hand.

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