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What Does The SEER Rating Mean On An AC Unit?

Higher SEER ratings on AC units save you money!

Vancouver HVACThe higher the SEER rating on air conditioners the more efficient the unit is rated. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Each single digit increase in the SEER rating can result in approximately 10% savings in operating cost. Today's central air conditioning system are available with SEER ratings from 16 to 21. While the higher SEER rated units may cost more, the energy savings they provide will more than offset the higher price of the unit.

For instance, if it costs you $300 per year to operate a central air conditioning system with a SEER of 16, it would only cost you $150 per year to operate the unit with a SEER of 21. In other words, the 5 point difference equals a 50% increase in efficiency of the higher SEER rated unit.

Types of AC units

Window and room air conditioners - are designed to cool a single room and at times eliminate the need to cool the entire home with the Central AC system. The older units were not very efficient and had SEER ratings around 8. Now the window and room AC units must have a minimum SEER rating of 13 making them much more efficient.

Wall AC Units - are also used for cooling a single room where a window unit is not practical. These units are also required to have a minimum SEER of 13 and are used in homes and commercial buildings.

Portable AC Units - may be easily moved from room to room or used in garages and workshop area's. These units have SEER ratings of 13 to 16 making them fairly efficient and handy to have around the home.

Central AC Units - are designed for cooling the entire home or commercial building. These units are by far the most efficient ranging from SEER ratings of 16 to 21. Remember, the higher the SEER rating the lower the operating cost.

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