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Understanding Hard Water

Key Differences Between Hard And Soft Water

What is the difference between hard water and soft water? This is something that Vancouver homeowners should know, and we will go over some of the key differences between the two. Having excessively hard water can cause a buildup of minerals to form on your glassware, mirrors, and tub, as well as dry out your skin and hair. It is important as a homeowner to be aware of the potential harm that hard minerals may do to your home and family.

Also, we want to say that you cannot tell whether water is hard or soft by looking at it, but there are certainly signs to look for.

Vancouver, BC Water TreatmentOne Leaves A Lot Of Scum Behind

Perhaps one of the major differences between hard and soft water is that water that is hard tends to leave a lot of scum behind. This scum, or deposits that are whitish, can usually be found in places such as the sinks and bathtubs.

Asides from scum being left behind, your clothing may come out of the laundry with reddish brown stains on them, and this is the result of your clothes coming in contact with hard water during the washing cycle. Dishes are also likely to be affected.

Hard Water May be Better To Drink

It's important to note that both soft and hard water is completely safe to drink, but drinking hard water may be better for you, as it is known for being good for your teeth and bones. It is also thought that drinking hard water can reduce heart disease. That being said, it can potentially worsen dry skin and hair.

Hard Water Doesn't Lather Well With Soap

Another difference between hard water and soft water is the way they lather with soap. If you have hard water, then you will likely find that it doesn't later that good with soap. However, if you have soft water, then it should lather very easily with soap.

They Contain Different Elements

High amount of calcium and magnesium are often found in hard water. Soft water on the other hand does not contain extra elements. Soft water may sometimes be produced through the use of  a water softening system, in which hard calcium and magnesium carbonates are filtered out of the water supply. If there is hard water in your home, our professional team of Vancouver plumbers will be more than happy to give you an estimate of the costs, and install the appropriate system for your home.

Those are the main differences between soft and hard water. As you can see, there really isn't a difference in terms of how safe they are to drink or even the way it looks. Now you know what the differences are between the two.

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