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Tune Up Before It's Too Late!

Heating System Tune-Up

Vancouver HeatingSigns Your Heating Unit Needs A Tune-Up

Your heating system is crucial, especially in the winter months when it's very cold. You never want to go and turn your heating system on, only to find that the unit will not push out any kind of heat.

If you see that your heating system is no longer working properly, then you're going to need a tune-up. There are more signs that your system may need a tune-up, other than not turning on. Although dust is normal, especially when dealing with a heating system, an excessive amount of dust, is a sign that the system needs maintenance.
Look for too much dust coming out of the system, and then you'll know that there is a problem there. You'll also want to check for any smells, if they are musty, and coming from the unit, then you need a tune-up.
High electricity bills are also a sign that your system is not working properly, and a tune-up is necessary. The same way a car will need a tune-up, or it can burn gas excessively, a heating unit can use up too much electricity, without a tune-up. If you get your unit tuned up when it needs it, then you can avoid the unit breaking down, causing more problems, or needing a replacement.

When To Get A Tune-Up

Every system is different, and a unit will need a tune-up in its own time. One person may use a heating unit for three years, and only need a tune-up one time, whereas someone else may use a unit for a year and a half, and need a tune-up.

Tune-ups depend on the use of the unit, and how quickly they break down. If you hear loud noises coming from the unit one day, then this is a sign that you need a tune-up. The longer you run a unit, the more likely it is that it will need a tune-up, especially if you've had it for years.

How To Maintain Your Tuned Up Unit

After you've gotten a tune-up on your unit, you'll want to maintain it the best you can, so you'll avoid needing another tune-up anytime soon. You need to ask the professional who tuned up your unit, what you can do, in order to maintain it in the future.Vancouver Heater Maintenance

The least you can do is change the filters, and keep the unit clean.

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