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Top Five Plumbing Problems in Vancouver

Common Plumbing Issues in Vancouver

Top Five Plumbing Problems in VancouverPlumbing may run on simple principles, but it seems that if there's going to be a problem with one aspect of a Vancouver home, it’s the plumbing. Here are the top five plumbing problems in Vancouver:

Clogs: Clogs in the pipes can come from everything from hair and grease caught in the sink drain to a doll flushed down the toilet by a toddler who's just learned how the toilet works. The best ways to undo a clogged drain is by calling a professional. Harsh drain cleaners should be avoided, especially if the house has a septic tank. These harsh chemicals can damage pipes and kill the septic system’s bacteria.

Scale: Scale comes about because of hard water. Scale is a build up of calcium and magnesium in the pipes. It makes laundry and hair dingy and can interfere with water pressure. The best way to deal with scale is to remove it from the pipes, and let a professional install a water softener. In this system, the hard minerals are replaced with sodium.

Burst Pipes: This is a risk for plumbing in a climate like Vancouver's which gets very cold winters. The problem is most serious in a vacation home that's not used during the winter. The best way to avoid burst pipes is to let a plumbing company winterize the plumbing in the house.

Leaks: Leaks always seem to happen on weekends or in the middle of the night. Let a professional handle these so that you don't have any more unpleasant surprises.

Noisy Pipes: All kinds of things cause pipes to make noise. Hammering can happen when the pipe's air chambers fill with water. A rattle means there’s something wrong with a washer in a faucet and a whistle means that a water valve is partially closed. The sounds of running water when there’s no fixture turned on might mean there’s a leak. Bangs can be caused when the pressure in the pipes causes them to bang against their metal hangers or wall studs, and cracking might be a pipe that was cool and is suddenly filled with hot water.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, or would like to avoid them in the future, call us today at (604) 734–0890 and one of our professionals will help you with your needs.