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Top 5 ways how not to pick your heating service company

Now that we are into the heating season we thought we would talk about choosing a heating contractor and in particular how not to select one.

Top 5 ways how not to pick your heating service company

#1. A heating service company whom you have never heard of calls you on the phone and says they are in the neihbourhood and would like to come and service your equipment at a large discount.

#2. The company just happens to also specialize in carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning and window installations.

#3. They have the cheapest coupon of all the companies in the daily coupon delivery.

#4. The company advertises free equipment because they are overstocked. ( That's a good one!)

#5. Your buddy says he knows a really good guy who does work for cash at a large discount.

Now that we have listed 5 ways how not to select a reputable heating contractor here are 3 ways you could start to find one.

#1. Go to the BBB website and research heating installation or furnace contractors until you find one you are comfortable with.

#2. Go to the Fortis BC website and research heating contractors.

#3. Ask a friend for a referral.

We hope this will help in your search for a quality heating service company.