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Things to Consider Before Getting a Whole House Filtration System

Why you should get a whole house filtration system


Why you should get a whole house filtration systemA whole house water filtration system is installed on the main line that brings water inside your house. It cleans and filters the water before it enters your plumbing network. These filters are much better and cost effective than individual water filters installed at the different faucets in your house.

When you are interested in installing a whole house water filter, you should consider the four main variables to get the best deal. The first one is flow rate. Flow rate means the amount of water (GPM, Gallons Per Minute) available at any one time for your water heater, washers, sinks, showers, etc. Demand rate is printed on most of the appliances. For instance, a toilet usually needs 5 liters, and a showerhead needs 2 to 6 GPM.

The best way for you is to first calculate the flow rate you’ll actually need by considering the number of members in your family, number of water outlets in your house and times when they are used simultaneously. Ideally, the total requirement would be around 20-45 GPM.

Second is the filter life. A high quality filter can last for about 145,000 gallons in a house. However, rougher water sediments in your water will shorten this estimate.

Third is the filter size. Use of a larger filter will ensure greater pressure and much better water flow. Aside from that, there will be much greater interval between the services. Mostly, houses may need 4.5 X 20 inch filter. However, some larger whole house water filter models may need somewhat bigger filter.

Fourth is the Port size. You can choose a one inch port system. Even if rest of your house uses ¾ inch pipe, the one inch port system will still work fine and will keep more than enough water flowing through the pipes of your house.

You can get the best deals on wholehouse water filters on many online stores. They will also guide you on the best water filter depending upon your needs.

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