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Things To Consider Before Getting A New AC Unit Installed In Your Home

Is it time for a new AC unit?

Is it time for a new AC unit?A homeowner needs to know a few things about his or her home before an air conditioning unit is bought and installed. The homeowner and the HVAC professional will need to calculate how may rooms need to be cooled in the house. The first room might use about 6,000 BTU's, while 3,500 BTU should be added for each additional room. The homeowner will need to know how big the room is. If the room has a ceiling that’s higher than 8 feet or has hot spots, it will need to be treated as if it’s bigger than it is. The homeowner will also need to know how much sun the room gets, how well it’s insulated and the number of windows and doors it has. He or she will also need to calculate the heat gains the room gets from appliances. The homeowner and HVAC professional will also need to know how many people use the room.

For the exact amount of cooling that a room needs from an air conditioning unit, our HVAC technicians can give the homeowner a cooling load estimate form. The HVAC professional can also help a homeowner understand Energy Efficiency Ratings. Finally, the professional will install the air conditioning unit, which isn’t really a job for a lay person. The unit and the chassis it’s mounted on are heavy, and any gaps or leaks will need to be sealed. Some units are also mounted through the wall, which takes some work.

Our HVAC technicians are experts in not only installing room air conditioning units but central air conditioning units.This, of course, is a more complex job. Besides figuring out how many Btuhs an entire house needs, a central air conditioning unit will need to take plenum, ducts, power humidifiers and electronic air cleaners into consideration before it’s installed or upgraded.

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