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The Top Summer Events of 2016 in Vancouver

VancouverFor a day in the sun or a day to spend time with loved ones, Lambert Plumbing and Heating Ltd recommends several festivals to attend in Vancouver, Canada, that will demonstrate the beauty and energy that Vancouver has to offer.

Located on the West Coast of Canada lies Vancouver, a city that is one of the most ethnically diverse destinations in the world. Inside this booming and busy city is a conglomeration of culture and heritage that is what attracts millions of tourists each year.

Here is a list of some of the top events to attend in Vancouver during the summer time.

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

From early June to late September, this festival is an ode to Shakespearian productions with performances. Here is a list of some of the performances you may see.

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • Othello
  • Pericles

These summer long performances are not to be missed and take place every year at Vanier Park. Combine the chance to see these excellent performances with a week long visit to the other sites of Vancouver. Use this time to visit wonders such as the Vancouver Maritime Museum, Granville Island, and much more.

Do not forget to bring the essentials to have a picnic while watching this performance. It is recommended to either bring a lawn chair or a cushioned towel to be comfortable sitting on for an extended period of time.

Greek Day

Everything about Greek culture screams fun. The food, the dancing, and the market vendors are thoroughly enjoyed during this all day event in June. Entertainment at this festival includes the Alexander the Great Greek Dancers, a Greek cooking demonstration, as well as authentic Greek music. The Greek food tent showcases some of the Greeks' most popular products including olive oil, olives, feta, amongst other various products.

The smell alone should be a reason to come to this festival. This Greek festival was designed for family and friends and includes dancing demonstrations as well as delicious mouthwatering food that exemplifies the authentic dishes of Greece. Not only can kids learn about a different culture, but parents and friends can have a taste of authentic Greek beer and liquor.

Hats Off Day

rock on live music at festivalHats Off Day is a street festival that is a great day out for children, families, and friends. This eventful day consists of parades, live music, street vendors, and overall community fun. This is the perfect day for a gathering of loved ones to celebrate the good weather that has finally embraced Vancouver.

Hats Off Day begins at 10 AM with a wonderful parade ensemble with an annual theme. For those who are new to this festival, expect an extravaganza that consists of marching bands, floats, local politicians, and even people in costumes.

An even better reason to come to this event full of summer fun is to try the local food and to meet local business owners of the community. This is a walk only event that discourages driving near the event all throughout the day. The community event is filled with good smells, a happy crowd, and great music that will have everyone swinging their hips!

Vancouver International Children's Festival

With so many festivals and events in Vancouver, the leaders of this great city have created an event that has been tailored specifically to children. Some of the many activities for children include theater, dancing, fun music, circus performers, puppetry, and story tellers.

Children from all over Canada mark this event in their calendars as it is a day to celebrate the youth of the community. Though this festival is not large and fully announced, it is a recommended one for children who want to have fun and want to meet new people.

This weeklong event attracts, on average, 30,000 families who have attended to not only have a good time, but to create memories with their children. This event is filled with entertainment such as activities for paper hat making, splatter paint, and even face painting. Children dictate how and what is included during this annual event as it is purely held for the children's amusement.

TD Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon BoatThis water-based festival is a three day event in June. Not only is this a free event, but this festival also includes live music, dragon boat racing, and plenty of food venues for delicious local food.

The location of this event marks the perfect place to watch these dragon boats go. Pick a boat to root for, enjoy the food, or enjoying the view of the Vancouver City are just a few of the many activities available when attending this event.

The main event for racing in the handcraft dragon boat is open to anyone who wishes to participate and who has paid a fee in advance. Following the dragon boat race will be the "paddlers party" which is free to all those who took part in the competition as well as those who were supporters of the race.

The entire festival will kick off with the opening ceremony which is followed by some of the best barbeque in Canada.

TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival

A music-centric festival is always fun to attend. As one of the largest music festivals, Vancouver expects over 1800 artists to play with over 500,000 people in attendance. Free venues during this jazz concert are spread throughout the city and include:

  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Granville Island
  • David Lam Park

These venues are the best that the city has to offer and make for excellent picnic grounds with family and friends. Bring blankets and chairs to these venues and do not forget to enjoy the beer garden.

After a summer of fun in Vancouver, BC be sure to contact Lambert Plumbing and Heating Ltd at (604)734-0890 for excellent services after a long and busy summer that is full of enjoyment.