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The Real Deal on Clogs

Plumbers Recommended Technique Of How To Unclog A Sink

Who Doesn’t Hate Clogged Sinks?

Everyone hates a clogged sink, especially since it be very inconvenient. The only thing a person needs a sink to do is to release the water, allowing everything that’s in the sink to go down the drain. A clog can keep water from draining as well as leaving smelly water in the sink, especially if the water sits for too long.

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It can even be worse if a kitchen sink gets clogged, especially if food is floating around in the water. It gets especially worse when a garbage disposal comes into play and won’t help what’s stopping up in the sink to go down at all. There are many clogs that may be bothersome, and a Vancouver plumber is the number one choice to get rid of any clog. Although it may seem tempting to try to fix the clog on your own, not every clog is going to be that easy fix or something that can be fixed by you.

What’s A Plumbers Secret When Unclogging A Sink?

It may seem as if a plumber has a secret on how they get rid of clogs, but that isn’t the case. A plumber will use some special tools, if necessary, to get rid of clogs, but they like to do a diagnosis first. A plumber will want to look at the trap that’s under the bathroom or kitchen sink to make sure that the clog can’t be fixed from there.Typically, a lot of the things that clog the sink will end up in the trap, and once the trap is clean, then the sink will allow water to go down the drain again. If the trap doesn’t contain the clog, then it’s possible to go deeper into the drain by using a snake, which can pull up all types of stuff to help the drain get unclogged. A chemical drain cleaner may also be necessary, depending on how bad the clog is and where it’s located.

Let A Plumber Go To Work On The Sink

A Vancouver plumber can start working on a sink to unclog it right away, and all you have to do is wait for the plumber to tell you that they're finished. There’s no need to sit around to try to figure out what clogged the sink on your own, just let the plumber get to work unclogging the drain.

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