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The Difference Between Tankless Water Heaters And Tank Water Heaters

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Vancouver Water HeaterTank type water heaters have been considered the industry standard for decades, but in more recent years, Tankless water heaters seem to be the desired choice since they help save on your energy bills and enjoy an endless supply of hot water. Tank-type water heaters store water at a hot water temperature of about 130 degrees Fahrenheit within the storage tank. The heating element is cycles between the on and off position as needed to keep the temperature of the water consistent.

On the other hand, a tankless water heater is tankless. Usually, it is a small rectangular box that is mounted against the wall. The box contains a burner, control switches, and some internal piping. The water heater only heats up when there is a need for hot water. As the water flows through the heater to meet the demand, a sensor is activated and heating element warms the water.

One of the main advantages of the Tank-type water heater is the low cost option, regardless of it whether the source is natural gas or electric. As another advantage, the tank-type water heater uses less power or gas than the tankless heaters. Tankless heaters demand larger gas and power requirements. This drives up installation costs and can have an enormous impact on the sizes of the building service.

In comparison, tankless water heaters do not use energy until the demand is present, whereas tank-type water heaters periodically uses energy 24 hours a day in order to keep the tank temperature consistent.

Tankless water heater use smaller footprints, so it saves floor space. Tank-type water heaters use a larger footprint, which becomes a significant issue when a lot of hot water is needed. Many times, in order to meet that demand, as additional storage tanks could be required. With a tankless water heater, unlimited hot water is always available as long as the electric or gas fuel is available.

As a final advantage, the biggest advantage of choosing a tankless water heater is the peace of mind knowing there is no risk of having a ruptured or broken tank, which of course could lead to flood damage. The other side of that consideration is the wasted water that goes down the drain every time you have to run the water and wait for the water to heat up. You can alleviate this extra expense with a demand type hot water pump, but that is yet still another added expense on top of the already costly tankless water heater.

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