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The Benefits of Replacing an Old Furnace With a New Home Furnace Unit

What a new furnace can do for your Vancouver home

The Benefits of Replacing an Old Furnace With a New Home Furnace UnitWhen looking to improve a home, one of the best decisions a homeowner can make is to obtain a new furnace. In many cases, older furnaces are less effective and more costly than a modern furnace, especially in an era of rising energy costs. In addition, a new furnace is often less expensive to maintain than an older furnace, reducing long-term lifecycle costs.

When thinking about purchasing a new furnace, it is important to consider the furnace’s impact on the home’s utility bills. Older furnaces are less efficient than modern designs, which means that they use more gas to heat the home. This often results in dramatically higher monthly utility bills, especially during the winter months. A homeowner who installs a high-efficiency furnace may find that the cost of the new furnace is quickly recovered due to the home’s lower utility bills.

Also, older furnaces often require excessive amounts of maintenance. Because a furnace is a vital part of the home, it is unwise to postpone maintenance, which can often result in very high repair bills. In some cases, an old furnace may require parts that are difficult or expensive to obtain. A new furnace will dramatically reduce the homeowner’s maintenance related costs.

For those homeowners who may at some point consider selling their home, having a qualified service install a new furnace can increase the home’s value. Attempting to sell a home with an older furnace, especially one that requires repair, will result in the homeowner being unable to obtain the best possible price for his or her home.

Finally, installing a modern furnace may allow the homeowner to take advantage of various energy rebate and incentive programs. This can help to radically reduce the cost of having the old furnace replaced by a new unit. In addition, some programs may reduce the home’s tax burden as a part of energy efficiency incentives.

A new furnace can reduce utility bills, avoid excessive repair costs and improve the comfort of the home’s residents. For these reasons, having a new furnace installed is an excellent decision for a homeowner, whether the intent is to improve the home’s energy efficiency or to increase its value for a future sale.

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