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The Summer is Coming- Is Your Air Conditioning Ready?

Summer is nearly here, which means long days, fun times outdoors with friends and family and loads of summer sunshine.

In addition to planning how you’ll spend your leisure time this summer, you should devote some planning time to making sure that your air conditioner is ready to do its job this season.

That means making it a priority before summer starts to make sure that everything is working well. It’s also a great time to consider how you are using your unit and how you can make it more energy efficient.

Here are our suggestions for what you need to do:

Understand the Importance of Your Thermostat

The level that you set your thermostat will play a big role not only in your comfort at home but also in how efficiently your air conditioner will run.


If you can manage, leave the thermostat at 25°C because that is the level at which your system will work best.

If you must, turn it down a couple of degrees, but it isn’t a good idea to go below 22°C.

Boost your energy efficiency by making use of “on-demand” cooling with a programmable thermostat.

This means that your home is cool when you need it; you’re not wasting energy to cool your home when you are out at work or traveling.

Know When to Replace Your A/C

Unfortunately, air conditioners don’t last forever. If you take good care of yours with regular maintenance and avoid unnecessary wear and tear by setting it too low, you can expect 10-15 years out of your system.

Yes, replacing your A/C is an expense, but with all the energy efficient options available now, you’ll recoup the costs with cost savings on your energy bills in the future.

Here are the signals that you need a new air conditioner: pooling water, musty odors, lack of airflow or air not cooling properly, certain areas of your home not cooling effectively, strange noises coming from the unit and a hike in your energy bills.

Always Have an Inspection

The best way to get ready for the coming season is to schedule your annual inspection.

During the service call, the technician will clean your unit, change your air filter and make sure that everything is in working order.


This helps your household bottom line in a few ways: your air conditioner will blow cold air more efficiently, which reduces your bills.

It also helps extend the life of your air conditioner.

Additionally, you get peace of mind knowing that if there is anything wrong with your unit, you’ll get it taken care of before it gets really hot outside.