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Springtime is On the Way – Make Sure Your Outdoor Plumbing is Ready

Outdoor Plumbing

With the sun closer to the Earth and the warmth of summer months approaching quickly, it’s time to start thinking about the integrity of your outdoor plumbing system. Your Vancouver, BC home deserves an adequate water supply to keep your vehicles clean, pool full, and garden thriving.

By following along with these tricks and tips to getting your outdoor plumbing system ready for the spring, summer, and fall, you’ll be able to make sure that your yard is ready for all of the fun that springtime brings along with it.

Check your Hoses for Leaks

Outdoor HosesA leak-free hose is essential for yard maintenance and landscaping practices. Whether you’re using it to fill your pool, water your lawn, or clean your home’s exterior, it’s essential that there is adequate water pressure and no leaks.

You can inspect the integrity of your hose by reconnecting it to your outdoor water connection and turning it on. If you notice any leaks when water is flowing through, it’s time to either repair the leak or invest in a new hose.

Check Your Sprinklers for Adequate Pressure

SprinklerWhether you have a sprinkler attachment or an in-ground sprinkler system connection, the start of spring is the best time to inspect your sprinklers for pressure and leaks.

These sprinklers are often used to send water over a large area, and so, adequate pressure is necessary to spray the water as far as possible.

When you’re inspecting your outdoor plumbing system, turn on your sprinkler system and make sure that there are no leaks or damage. If you do find an issue, contact your local plumbing professional immediately, as they’ll have the tools and expertise needed to help restore the integrity of your sprinkler system.

Regularly Check/Clean Your Home’s Gutters for Maximum Effectiveness

Home GuttersYour gutters and draining system is what keeps the inside of your home protected when large storms hit your area.

Whether or not you cleaned your gutter system in the fall time, it’s likely that debris has accumulated during the cooler months of the year.

When your gutters become clogged with outdoor debris, mold can begin to form, leaks can begin indoors, and water damage is inevitable if left untreated.

Inspect Outdoor Faucets Regularly

Outdoor FaucetYour water faucets on your outdoor plumbing system are the lifeline of your summer fun. From attaching to your hose and sprinkler to providing water for cleaning your vehicles, an outdoor faucet is a multi-purpose feature of your plumbing system.

When spring is on its way, make sure that you take the time to turn on each outdoor water connection faucet and check for any leaks in the pipe, as well as for effective water pressure. Unexpected puddles or little water pressure are signs of a leak in your outdoor plumbing line, so make sure that you address these issues immediately.

Springtime is on the way, so now is the time to make sure that your outdoor plumbing system and all of its features are ready to perform to their fullest potential all summer long.