Slab Leak Repair Services in Vancouver

When a leak occurs, it can damage flooring and other things in a home or business. Slab leaks are common in older homes that have the water and sewer lines running through the concrete slab of a home. Sometimes, there are other reasons but age plays a big factor in the number of slab leaks that we see. They can occur in the water lines or in the sewer lines.

Slab Leak Repair in VancouverSome insurance companies will cover the repairs associated with a slab leak but not all of them. If a customer is depending on an insurance company to cover this cost, they need to check with them before the job is started. There are a couple of options when it comes to this repair. Rerouting the water or sewer lines is one of the most common ways to fix the problem. This is done because the floors do not have to be broken up to get to the lines. It is a permanent fix.

If someone prefers to have the line repaired instead of replaced, the floor will need to be opened up with a jackhammer or any other tools that may be required. This can be very costly because the structure of the floor needs to be fixed as well as new flooring put down for the entire room.

By upgrading the lines, it will ensure that the lines will not break in another spot in a couple of months. When the older lines break or start leaking, they are usually brittle or weak. Replacing the entire line by rerouting it allows the structure of the home to be left alone. This is often a much quicker fix too. They do not have to determine exactly where the leak is occurring.

Lambert Plumbing and Heating will take the time to make sure that the repairs are done in an efficient manner. We will also work with our customers to ensure that we are doing the type of repair that they want and can afford. Call Lambert Plumbing and Heating today so that we can get your repairs done quickly.