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Reasons To Consider Getting A High Efficiency AC Unit For Your Home

Looking to get a new AC unit?

Vancouver HVACDoes it seem like your electric bill gets higher and higher every summer while the temperature in your house or apartment does too? Is your current air conditioner constantly breaking down? Are you being told that it's hard to find parts for your unit? Had enough? Consider making an investment in a high efficiency air conditioning unit.

A high efficiency unit can drop your electric bill by fifty percent or more. This equates to your new unit being fully paid for in as little as two years.

What about all those allergies, sneezing, coughing and restless nights. High efficiency units have incredible filtration devices which filter out airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, pollens and dust. This means less sick time, less time off from work due to sickness, less doctor visits and less expensive antibiotics.

Is your old unit clanking and clunking along? The high efficiency units are virtually silent. Oftentimes you have to stand in front of a vent to make sure they're working.

They're also programmable. You set the times and temperatures for the day. For instance, when everyone is at work or school, set the time for when everyone has left the house and turn the temperature up. Set the time for when everyone will be returning and turn the temperature down. Set another temperature for bedtime and even different settings for weekends. Program the unit once and you're done. You have the option of changing the settings anytime you want.

There are models available to meet your every need. Whether you're in a small apartment and only need a window unit or in a 2000 square foot home and need whole house cooling, there's a unit available for you.

Let's talk about property value. If you own your own home and invest in a high efficiency unit, you increase your property value. Not only do home buyers look at kitchens and bathrooms they also want to know about air conditioning. To be able to answer them with "it's high efficiency" would make you stand out from the rest.

Consider making an investment today and live a more comfortable summer. Are you looking to install a new AC unit in your Vancouver area home? Contact Lambert Plumbing & Heating, Ltd at 604-734-0890 for immediate service today!