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Preventing Indoor Air Pollution

5 Best Ways to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

Vancouver Air QualityA house that remains closed up tight may have highly polluted air that can be unhealthier for residents than air outside the home. Everyone living in the enclosed indoor space is breathing the concentrated air flow that, if unaddressed, may contain numerous toxins and allergens that can be hazardous to breathe. Here are the 5 best ways to prevent indoor air pollution

Change the furnace filter.

Most HVAC experts recommend changing the furnace filter once or twice a year. Frequency depends on whether the home's air flow is filtered in any other way, such as by opening windows, and how hard the furnace is working routinely. A newer, efficient furnace may not need to have the filter changed compared to an older model.

Open windows.

If the home is located in an area where the outdoor is reasonably free of pollution, in nice weather it is a good idea to open the windows and air out the home. On chilly days, even fifteen minutes of open windows can help to replace indoor stagnant air with fresh air that is healthier for breathing.

Schedule annual checkups and maintenance.

To keep the HVAC system working efficiently and without problems, an annual checkup and maintenance consultation with experts is recommended. A visit can be scheduled to have the furnace and ductwork inspected, along with the air conditioning system if there is one. Keeping these units clean and working at capacity will help to maintain indoor wholesome air that is safe to breathe. Any developing problems can be identified and repaired before the system breaks down unexpectedly as the problem worsens.

Use an air filtration system.

Many people use an indoor air filtration system in addition to a HEPA furnace filter to filter the home's air for impurities. Tiny particles of soot, dust, and allergens can be removed rather than allowed to circulate throughout the home.

Isolate main contaminants. Vancouver Air

It is a good idea to limit the home's exposure to air pollutants like cigarette smoke and pet dander. Many people designate one room with a window that opens as the smoking room, while others have smokers step outdoors for a cigarette to keep smoke out of the house. Pets can be restricted to the home's main living area and kept out of the bedrooms.

A few basic steps can keep your home's air fresher and safer for everyone.

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