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Watch for These Signs of a Broken AC This Summer

Signs That AC Repairs Are Needed 

Air conditioning is essential to stay cool and comfortable all summer long. However, air conditioners can experience issues over time and fail at the wrong moment. This can leave homeowners uncomfortable when air conditioning is needed most. To protect themselves from problems that continue to grow, homeowners should learn common signs of air conditioner issues. Here are three signs that AC repair or replacement is needed to keep the system running smoothly. 

Warm and Muggy Temperatures 

hotThe first sign that air conditioner repairs are needed is what everyone tries to avoid by installing air conditioners. Air conditioners are used to cool the air and remove excess humidity. When units fail to meet these expectations and aren’t cooling as expected or are experiencing inconsistent temperatures, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. 

The home not getting cool enough or hot and humid temperatures in the home may be easily remedied with AC repairs or may require replacement, depending on many factors, such as the cause of the issue and the age of the unit. As soon as problems are noticed, homeowners should call a professional. This can prevent mechanical problems from getting worse and running up repair bills. 

High Utility Bills 

Most homeowners are aware that cooling costs can rise during the summer, as air conditioners use considerable energy to cool the home. The air conditioners become energy hogs during the summer to beat the heat. However, while higher energy bills during the summer are the norm, they should stay relatively constant year over year. When energy bills unexpectedly spike higher than expected, it can signal AC trouble. 

Several things can cause a spike in energy bills. Neglected maintenance or a malfunctioning or broken part in the AC can cause a loss of efficiency, resulting in a dramatic rise in cooling costs. As air conditioners age, they can also lose efficiency and cost more to run. If energy bills have spiked, but the units are still in their prime, professional AC repairs and maintenance may be the only thing needed to fix them. However, AC replacement may be recommended if the system is old and inefficient.

Strange Odours and Unusual Noises 

smellSome other signs that AC repairs are needed may be a little harder to notice at first, but learning the signs can help homeowners catch issues early. Strange noises and bad smells can be telltale signs that an air conditioning system is malfunctioning and needs repair. If homeowners hear loud metallic grinding noises from the unit, it could indicate that the bearings in the fan blade are worn out or there is a blockage in the motor's cooling fins. A loud hum could indicate loose wiring or a faulty capacitor. 

Bad smells, such as burning rubber or electrical smoke, could indicate an overheating motor or worn-out insulation in the wiring. It is best to have a technician come and take a look when experiencing these problems. In addition, foul odors from the vents can indicate a mold issue within the system itself, which should be addressed as soon as possible. These issues can lead to a decrease in the air conditioning unit's efficiency if not taken care of immediately.

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