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Tips for Finding the Right Plumber During the Busy Holiday Season

Three Traits of a Reliable Plumbing Company 

The holidays are here, and everyone is busy with gift shopping and preparations for festivities. The last thing that anyone needs to deal with during the hustle of the holidays is plumbing problems. The best thing owners can do is to prepare and find a reliable plumber that won’t leave them stuck with plumbing issues during the holidays. Here are a few characteristics of reliable plumbing companies so owners can have peace of mind they know who to call if plumbing problems strike this holiday season. 

Look for Positive Reviews 

reviewsIn an age where most business takes place online, reviews are convenient for homeowners when researching local plumbing companies. The first thing a homeowner will typically do in the event of a plumbing problem is to take out their phone and do a quick search for plumbers on a platform like Google or Facebook. This will yield many results, so the question becomes how to narrow down the list and increase the odds of finding a reliable plumbing company. 

First, look for companies that have a higher-than-average rating. Next, read expanded reviews from that company. Most of the reviews should be positive. Positive reviews will use language like “fair” and “professional” to share how a company does business. Honest reviews may not be perfect, but they should indicate that the plumber strives to be responsive to their customers. 

Ask About Licensing and Insurance 

Perhaps the most important thing to look for when calling potential plumbers, regardless of the season, is a license and insurance. Due to the dangerous and complex nature of plumbing, all plumbing contractors should be licensed to prove their knowledge of local codes and regulations and insured to protect their workers and customers from accidents. 

It’s not uncommon or rude to ask companies about their licensing and insurance. Reliable companies will be happy to provide exact details about their status. This can then be compared to local governing bodies to ensure the credentials are valid. Without insurance, homeowners could be financially responsible for mistakes or accidents that occur during plumbing work. 

Look for Plumbers That Offer Maintenance maintenance

One of the final traits to look for in a plumbing company is that they offer maintenance. Routine plumbing maintenance and drain cleaning are essential to keeping the plumbing running well. Some plumbing maintenance tasks include: 

  • Inspecting the plumbing for leaks, corrosion, or other issues
  • Drain cleaning using methods like hydro jetting 
  • Drain and flush the water heater tank
  • Check the water heater valves and anode rod and replace them if needed

Scheduling regular maintenance can help homeowners save money by catching minor problems that could otherwise cause expensive damage to their homes or building. Additionally, routine maintenance keeps water moving efficiently through pipes, reducing the risk of clogs and backups. By taking proactive measures to ensure that the plumbing is in good condition, homeowners can save time, and money, and avoid potential disasters. 

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