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The Benefits of Professional Plumbing Inspections

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What Is a Plumbing Inspection?

inspection Lambert Plumbing

As a homeowner, there are two strategies you can take for home maintenance: repair or prevention. Repairs are reactive and are inherently expensive since you will probably have to pay emergency and overtime rates. Prevention, on the other hand, costs a little upfront but completely takes away the need for emergency repairs. Prevention is always cheaper in the long run.

Pipe inspection is one of the best things you can do for a preventative repair strategy. By having your pipes inspected you and your plumber can decide the best course of action for specific repairs. You will know the condition of your piping and can make predictive decisions that will prevent the high cost of repairs as your plumbing system ages.

Plumbing inspections are also becoming the standard practice for many repairs. For example, if your sewer is backed up, most plumbers will decide to perform an inspection before recommending a specific repair. This way, plumbers can find the root cause of the problem at the start and take the right corrective action from the beginning.

Using a Pipe Inspection Camera

inspection camerasA plumber’s most important tool for a pipe inspection is the pipe inspection camera. A pipe inspection camera is a tiny camera that is on the end of a reel, similar to a pipe snake. The camera can be inserted into a pipe and pushed down the length of it for inspection.

As the camera is fed into the pipe, the plumber can see the video feed from a screen in real-time. By performing an inspection, the plumber can pinpoint the exact location and cause of your plumbing problem.

For example, the plumber can determine exactly where a clog is in your sewer line or they can determine the longevity of your water piping by seeing the internal corrosion.

When Should You Schedule Sewer Inspections?

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Sewers are notorious for clogging and causing disastrous backups. Sewers clog for a variety of reasons. Grease and soap scum can gum up the internal walls of your pipes. Once the walls of the pipes are coated with grease, hair and toilet paper can get caught in the mess, causing a clog.

Sewer pipes can often become clogged by debris and tree roots that have found their way into your pipes. Clogs caused by tree roots indicate there is a break in your line. By using a pipe inspection camera, a plumber can find the exact location of the break and replace it.

Plumbing Inspection Benefits

plumbing benefitA plumbing inspection is a great way to prevent damage from occurring in your plumbing while extending a pipe's lifespan. When sewers back up, they allow sewage and pathogens to flow backwards into your home and onto your lawn.

Bathtubs will fill up with wastewater and cleanouts can pop their caps off and flood your yard. If your water lines are corroded, they become compromised and could burst at any time. By having your pipes inspected you will prevent the potential damage from having a leak or burst pipe.

When pipes leak or burst they can flood your home and ruin your walls and floors. Furthermore, the moisture from a flood can cause mould to grow that can be hazardous to your health.

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