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Taking the Fear Out of Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Updates Should Be Left to the Pros

Halloween can be a scary season, but for those that have decided to do some fall renovations, like adding a bathtub to a bathroom or upgrading the shower design, that is certainly the case. Home renovations have a reputation for being long and expensive projects, but hiring a qualified plumber for bathroom remodels actually has many benefits. 

DIY remodels appeal to some homeowners because they believe it’s a way to learn new skills and save money, but often homeowners forget to weigh the potential risks. DIY work is fraught with perils like going over budget and taking a bathroom out of commission for longer than expected. Here are some reasons why hiring professionals for the next bathroom upgrade project can actually be easier, safer, cheaper, and faster. 

Reduced Risk of Injury 

The construction industry has one of the highest rates of injury among the workforce, and keep in mind that it’s for professional workers. Construction is inherently dangerous because it involves working with power tools in unfinished spaces that aren’t yet fit for habitation. The risk of injury is even higher for a homeowner that lacks the training and experience needed for renovations.

Injury is a serious risk with any DIY renovation project, especially in bathrooms. Bathrooms have several hazards that other renovation projects don’t have, including plumbing work and tile removal, to name just two. Hiring professionals protect homeowners because they will have the knowledge to complete the upgrades safely and are insured in case anything happens. 

Save Money With Quality Work

saveMany things can go wrong when an amateur tries bathroom remodeling, and homeowners may end up having to hire professionals anyway. Paying for a plumber to redo work that an amateur improperly did is a waste of time and money that could have easily been avoided by hiring them in the first place. 

In the long run, paying for professional bathroom remodeling is often cheaper. Plumbers guarantee their work and have a greater chance of success from the beginning, meaning hidden costs won’t arise because of poor quality work. And if an accident does occur, they have insurance, so homeowners are not financially responsible.

Save Time With Experience

timeDIY videos and home improvement television can only go so far in educating homeowners about bathroom remodels. When it actually comes time to do the work, DIYers can find themselves out of their depth. Many remodels have curveballs to throw, and those that haven’t had to deal with problems like that on the fly can completely throw off the budget and timeline for a remodel. 

Professional contractors have enough experience to navigate unexpected problems that are sure to arise. When homeowners hire them, they are paying for the benefit of their knowledge to make the project go quickly and smoothly. Homeowners can save a ton of time by hiring qualified plumbers for their bathroom upgrades. 

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