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Celebrate Mom With Upgrade Fixtures for Mother's Day!

Treat Mom to Kitchen and Bath Fixture Improvements

So plumbing isn’t the first gift kids think of when celebrating mom, but maybe it should be. Flowers die, chocolates get eaten, but a jetted tub and fancy new sink last for years. Mom’s work hard to provide for their family; they spend every day working hard to create a loving home. So why shouldn’t mom be celebrated every day with a new bathroom or kitchen upgrades? Give mom something that will wow, inspire, and give her extra time for herself every day of the year by choosing some of these impressive upgrades for the home. 

Bathroom Fixtures That Wow

bathroomThe bathroom can feel like just another chore after a long day at work, cooking, or caring for the family. Instead of leaving mom with a cramped, outdated space to shower or bathe in, give her a blissful spa experience by upgrading the sink, faucets, or bath. 
  • Sink Upgrade Ideas: The sink bowl says a lot about a home. Replace the generic white basin stained with toothpaste and makeup with something that says zen. Stainless steel, granite vessel bowls, and tempered glass are making waves in the interior design world. Upgrade the bathroom space with a new sink bowl that adds character to mom’s mini-spa.
  • Faucet Upgrade Ideas: Upgrading sink and bath faucets instantly improve the quality of the bathroom environment. New faucets are more water-efficient, meaning mom can enjoy her new space and lower water bills as a bonus. Plus, faucets come in countless colours and designs, meaning that mom’s new bathroom can become a modern, romantic, or classic space with just a change in faucet fixtures!
  • Bath Upgrade Ideas: For a gift that knocks mom’s socks off, choose to upgrade the bath itself. A jetted tub massages away the stress of a day, a deep tub is perfect for a relaxing soak, and a new showerhead can create a soothing waterfall to ease away tension. 

Kitchen Fixtures That Inspire 

A lot of moms spend countless hours in the kitchen. Between prepping lunch, making their own coffee, and tidying up after dinner, the kitchen sees a lot of mom’s time. Why not make the space worth her while with new faucets and a great sink?


  • Faucet Ideas: Old-fashioned or basic faucets don’t do much, but newer models have all sorts of bells and whistles. Install a touch-free faucet for easier use, or choose a faucet with a built-in hose for a space-saving and practical design. Be sure to upgrade to stainless steel or spot-free material to make clean-up a breeze. 
  • Sink Ideas: Upgrading a sink basin in the kitchen improves the practicality and design of the space. Generic sink basins are shallow and dull - give mom a taste of the good life by installing a contemporary stainless steel sink with a deep basin or a unique farmhouse-style sink that adds character to the room. 

Garbage Disposals For Saving Time, Energy, and Stress 

Any gourmet kitchen has a garbage disposal at hand. Why? They make a cook’s life easier.

Garbage disposals cut down on kitchen plumbing damage by reducing the chance of sink clogs. They prevent odour build-up in kitchen sinks, reduce food waste in the house, and reduce trash. More importantly, they prevent clogs and damage to pipes that would throw a wrench into mom’s day. The cost savings from avoiding plumbing damage alone make these handy machines worth every penny, but factoring in how they reduce stress in mom’s life makes them priceless! 

For an even easier mother’s day gifting experience, have a professional plumber do the installation work. Their expertise will make the whole process faster, and the family will relax knowing that mom’s gift is in experienced hands. 

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