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If You Aren’t Doing These 4 Tasks, You Are Probably Paying Too Much on Your Water Bill

Save Money

It’s possible to pay less on your water bill than you are now, and it might be easier than you think to cut back the amount you are spending on water. Many people are unaware how much water they are wasting, and how simple it is to get in the habit of conserving water and spending less, following are water conservation tips straight from a professional plumber.

Car WashStop Washing Your Car at Home

Going to the carwash might seem like an unnecessary expense, but washing your car at home costs you more, both in time and in the amount of water you are using.

Taking your car to the carwash can help you to bring down the cost of your water bill, especially if you have multiple vehicles.

Look for and Repair Leaks Around the House

Water LeakDo you think minor leaks, slow drips or running toilets aren’t costing you money? You may be surprised to learn that these things often add up to hundreds of gallons of water that you are wasting without even realizing it.

To save money on your water bill, get in the habit of finding and fixing leaks around the house frequently.

Use Greywater to Water Plants and Shrubs

Water PlantsWater that is gently used in sinks, bathtubs or the washing machine doesn’t have to all be sent straight down the drain.

This water is known as greywater, and even though it contains dirt, cleaning supplies or food particles, it’s often good enough for watering plants and shrubs.

Learn more by contacting a cooperative extension or local nursery here in Vancouver, BC.

Take Showers Instead of Baths

ShowerWhen you fill a bathtub, it often requires as much as 70 gallons of water. This is up to four times as much water as is needed to take a shower.

If several members of your family take baths, you’re probably paying much more for your water than you need to. Get in the habit of taking showers instead, and whenever possible, limit showers to five minutes or less.