Water Main Line Repair Services Since 1977

When dealing with water main lines, count on the professionals! Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD has been taking care of Vancouver’s plumbing needs since 1977 and we’re ready to tackle any water main line issues you have. Call us today at (604) 734-0890 for 100% guaranteed service that WOWS!

Why do I need to repair or replace my water main line?

Water main lines are changed most often for these reasons:

  • The water line is leaking or a product used in the line isn’t performing up to par. A common product that fails are plastic pipe fittings. We see this a lot--make sure that your plumbing contractor uses brass fittings instead of plastic! It’s simply the best choice for the Vancouver area; it’s a much better quality and does not crack.

  • There is an obstruction in the line or it is broken. Common obstructions include roots and build-up in the drains. The city of Vancouver flushes water main lines periodically to help rid them of this build-up and sediment.

  • You want to boost the volume of water coming into your home, particularly if your galvanized piping is virtually rusted shut. Older water main lines tend to be made of lead and galvanized pipes that are particularly prone to mineral deposits and rust that accumulate inside the pipes and cut down on water flow.

  • You want to take care of future water line problems and proactively make repairs and replacements before problems get bigger. We can install new water main line pipes or simply repair existing lines in good condition---whatever is right for your specific needs!

What We Do

The first thing we do when you call us for water main repair service is assess your specific needs. Our highly-trained and experienced plumbing technicians will make sure we know exactly where the problem is as well as any other service lines in the area, and the extent of the damage. After that, we’ll go over your options for repair in-depth to make sure you know exactly what’s involved in each option and let you know the price up front. We want to make sure there are no surprises and that you are well-informed of what we’ll be doing and why. We’re so confident in the quality of our work and technicians that Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD offers a 100% guarantee on all services performed. You’re our neighbors and our family! We treat you, your home, and your property with the respect it deserves. Keep the water flowing smoothly into your home with Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD!

At Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD., we don’t cut corners in parts or in our work. Since we’ve been in business here since 1977, you can count on us knowing not only our trade but also plumbing needs particular to the Vancouver area. We want to WOW you with our fantastic service and expertise! Call us today at (604) 734-0890!

When you experience a water main issue, call Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD at (604) 734-0890! We know Vancouver’s plumbing.