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Is Your House Having Trouble Due to Neglected AC Services?

AC Services


When the temperatures are in the triple digits and you have the Air Conditioner on full blast in your home, yet the inside continues to feel just as hot as the outside - you begin to wonder about things pertaining to your AC.

You may wonder if you paid the utility bill on time, but when you remember you did you’ll start to consider other possibilities like your AC breaking down or your home not being sealed as it should be.

The truth of the matter is, you’re probably dealing with AC services issue, like low refrigerant, a wrong installation by a technician, or possibly even a dirty unit. Let’s take a look at these individual situations.

Low Refrigerant Won’t Let Your AC Cool Properly

lowrefrigerantLow refrigerant can often be the culprit when your AC isn’t working as well; the low levels can be due to a leak or it can just be time for a refill.

Either way, when this happens it is something that will need to be addressed by a certified technician in order to correct.

Refrigerant works by working with your unit’s copper coils in order to absorb heat and then transform it into a liquid state that is then blown out of the unit by a fan.

When your AC begins leaking refrigerant or doesn’t have sufficient levels, you can find that it begins blowing out more hot air than cool air.

A Dirty AC Unit Can Cause Things to Heat Up Quickly

dirtyunitIn order for your air conditioning unit to work properly, it needs to be able to move air through the system and your vents sufficiently.

Unfortunately, when you have a dirty unit, dirt and debris can prevent this from happening properly and your home’s temperature can suffer as a result.

It’s important to make sure that your AC unit isn’t neglected for cleaning; make sure that both the inside and outside are kept clean. Doing this can help prevent your AC unit from prematurely breaking before its life cycle is meant to be up, or causing other cooling issues with your HVAC system.

Poor Installation Is Also a Concern

wronginstallationUnfortunately, a technician installing your home’s AC unit incorrectly happens more regularly than you’d think; therefore, if you find that you’re AC unit is struggling to keep up with the summer heat, don’t eliminate the idea of it being installed poorly.

It’s recommended that you have a different technician or company come out to assess if you think this may be the case so that you can get a different opinion.

Also, always be sure to thoroughly check out any company or technician's customer reviews and certifications before deciding to use their services. This summer, don’t get caught up in the heatwave. If you think your AC isn’t running well or isn’t running at all, call us and we’ll send expert technicians to your home right away to assess the situation and take care of it for you.