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Importance of AC Filters

Why regular AC filter changes are important

Vancouver AC RepairWhen it comes to air conditioning filter, the most important thing to look for is one that is efficient. Air conditioning filters are found in every controlled environment including industries, hospitals, environments with radioactive materials and residential areas. There is a MERV number that rates the efficiency of the filter, the higher the number the more efficient the filter is. A lower number represents inefficiency. Testing is done through third-party laboratories that assign 1-20 number values.

In the residential areas, an air conditioning filter is used to keep the evaporator coil within the system from collecting dust. The filter is located before the evaporator coil and when it has accumulated dust covering 90% of the area surrounding the filter, time to change the filter is due. Air filters usually need changing every three months. The only exception is those used in residential areas as the environment there is more controlled than others like hospitals and industrial areas. If the level of dust is left to increase, the dirt will impose the handler unit and indoor fan resulting to a drop in pressure making the filter less efficient. It will consume more energy than should be necessary and will deliver less air. Any dust that goes through the filter will go back to the controlled environment causing irritations and allergic reactions to those sensitive to dust.

The air conditioning filter is also responsible for preventing dust from clogging the evaporator coil that would reduce the equipment efficiency. The dust reduces the coefficient heat transfer so the air returned is not cooled and humidifier properly. The filter needs to be efficient if the evaporator coil is to do its job of passing cool air through the system. It takes a long time for dust to pile up in the evaporator coil fins forming a layer. However, when it does pile up, the coil should be cleaned immediately.

The air conditioner should be serviced by a qualified HVAC technician. The technician determines when the air conditioner system is ready to be cleaned. Therefore, it is important to keep up a technician for repairs such as coil cleaning to cut more expensive repairs in the future.

In conclusion, an efficient AC filter not only produces cleaner air, but also helps save money as an inefficient air conditioner will serve at a higher mechanical and thermal efficiency.

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