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Importance Of A Summer Maintenance Call For Your Vancouver AC Unit

Maintaining Air Conditioning Units


Maintaining Air Conditioning UnitsMaintaining an air conditioning unit is just as important as maintaining a car, but many homeowners don't realize this. Just as with an automobile, regular maintenance on an AC unit can prevent serious or permanent damage from occurring. With regular maintenance, home owners can expect to stay nice and cool on even the hottest of days.

Hundreds of dollars a year can be saved on cooling costs if an AC unit is running most efficiently, and these savings more than outweigh the relatively low cost of yearly maintenance. A system operating at peak efficiency can cut monthly energy costs up to 25 percent. AC units will also last longer if serviced regularly, which means the cost of replacing a unit can be extended.

Perhaps the most important thing to have checked frequently is the Freon level of a unit. Even a 10 percent loss of Freon can cost a homeowner a 20 percent rise in electrical costs. It can also force a unit to work harder, which causes undo wear and tear on the mechanical parts. A trained technician can identify if there is a leak in a unit and make the necessary repairs. They can also add Freon to a unit on site.There are also safety benefits in having a unit serviced regularly. Technicians test for carbon monoxide, with is a very dangerous chemical. Cleaning units also reduces the amount of dust and bacteria that gets blown into the air.

Not only does AC maintenance save money, it can also save time. If a unit does break down during the summer months, a call to a regular maintenance technician can usually solve the problem quickly. AC units that have not been serviced often require expensive repairs, and it can take longer to find a contractor if one isn't already in place.

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