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How often does my heating unit need a tune up?

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up

Vancouver HeatingIn order to keep your heating unit in the best condition, it needs to be maintained regularly. Furnaces that are not maintained properly can be more prone to gas leaks. Here are signs your heating unit needs a tune up.

Gas leaks are a dangerous sign that a tune up is past due. Gas leaks can be identified by either a gas odor or gas build up near your furnace. If you suspect a gas leak, you should contact a professional immediately.

Another sign that a tune up is needed is the heating unit producing lower than normal heat. There are a few avenues that should be investigated when dealing with a heating unit functioning at less than optimal levels. The thermostat should be checked; it could need to be re-calibrated. It could also need to be cleaned. Because the thermostat is extremely sensitive and complex, a professional should be called to ensure the proper calibration.

A heating unit could also perform poorly if it is in need of cleaning. The air filter might need to be changed. The motor, blower and filter system might also need to be cleaned. Or the vents could be filled with debris or other blockages. If your heating unit is running loudly, a belt might be frayed or worn. This would require the belt be replaced.

The regular change in season should also serve as a sign to give your heating unit a tune up. Before starting your furnace for the fall or winter the unit should be cleaned and calibrated. The motor should also be oiled. Many HVAC companies offer fall tune up specials.

Being alert and watching for these signs that will help keep your unit in the best shape. Performing regular maintenance on your furnace will keep your furnace in the great working order and keep you and your loved ones warm for many years to come.

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