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How do I know if my heating unit needs a tune up?

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up


Vancouver HeatingYearly tune-ups for your home heating system can keep your family warm and safe, and also save money! A tune-up ensures your heating unit is functioning properly and within regulations. Our HVAC staff is professionally trained to make sure your home heating needs are met in a safe manner.

There are several clues that can suggest your unit needs servicing. Does it seem that your heating unit is not pushing out enough warm air? It could be dust and debris causing problems with the mechanics of the fan or air flow, bad filters or many other problems. A thorough examination and cleaning will quickly catch the issues. If you find yourself setting the thermostat higher and higher to get the results you want, you are also increasing the amount of your home heating cost!

Do you notice an odd smell when your heating unit is on? This, again, could be something as simple as dust, dirt and debris or a clogged filter, but it could also be something more serious. Any type of leak is not safe and can also run up your heating bill. Having a professional examine and test your heating unit can give you peace of mind as you rely on the safe operation of your system during the cold months.

Does your bill look too high for the amount of time you have your unit on and the temperature setting you have it adjusted to? Don’t pay extra money monthly to heat your home because your heater is not functioning up to power. Save by having a professional check the safety and efficiency of your home heating equipment.

Having your home heating equipment serviced by a HVAC professional can also save you money by keeping your equipment in the best possible working condition. Upkeep and care are the best preventions for a total breakdown of your equipment, and the last thing anyone wants is to lose the ability to heat their home during the winter season. Plan ahead, prepare and save by having a tune-up for your heating system right before the cold weather sets in.

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