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How can I take care of the drains in my home?

Tips on Properly Maintaining your Drainage System


Vancouver PlumberAll residential homes must have a drainage system for the purpose of eliminating waste water. Sooner or later most residential drains will experience some type of clog or backup. Once this happens a residential home dwellers will not be able to effectively remove waste water from their premises. The best way for a person to keep their drainage system in good condition is by implementing preventative maintenance procedures and proper care. Here are some tips that will help a person to keep their home’s drain system operating system.

Understanding your Home’s Drainage System: Before a homeowner can properly care for their drainage system they first must know how it works. Most residential homes have plumbing which also contains their drainage system. Within a home’s plumbing system, waste water is produced from sinks, toilets, wash machines and the bathtub. Waste water that is created in the sinks, wash machine or the tub will pass through a series of pipes that are positioned throughout the home. Dirty water passes through these pipes before being discharged in a city’s sewer system. The goal is to keep this process running smoothly at all times.

Avoid Clogging Primary Drain Pipes: The best way to keep a drainage system running smoothly is to avoid clogging up the primary drain pipes that are connected directly to toilets, sinks and the bathtub. These tips will help to keep pipes clean and free of debris and the build up of substances.

Do not pour grease, oil or fatty substances down a sink or inside of a toilet. Grease is responsible for causing many drainage issues and should be discarded inside of a containers and the same is true for oil.

• Avoid clogging up a toilet with toilet paper or trying to flush hard objects down the drain. Placing too much toilet paper inside of the bowl will clog it up and flushing objects such as dental floss or small pieces of trash should be avoided as well.

• Homeowners can place a drain plug in their sinks and then fill them up with hot water. Then unplug the drain (wearing rubber gloves to keep from being burned) and allow the hot water to force out any debris within the primary pipe.

• Homeowners can also purchase a residential snake unit for their sink or toilet and use it periodically in order to keep their pipes free of debris.

• A person should also periodically examine their plumbing system in order to make sure that it is in good condition. Using the services of a professional plumbing inspector might be the best thing for an individual to do if they are not familiar with how their plumbing system works.

These are some basic tips that people can do in order to keep their drainage system operating efficiently and effectively. Are you dealing with clogged drains in your Vancouver home? Call Lambert Plumbing & Heating at (604) 734-0890 and schedule a service call today!