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How can I keep my home warm?

Tips on keeping your home warm during the winter

Vancouver HeatingHeating your home can be expensive and keeping your home efficiently warm during a long winter can be challenging. Fluctuations in gas and oil prices can fluctuate and provide surprises in the cost of heating your home that you are otherwise prepared for. This article will provide some advice on how to keep your home warm with efficient heating.

Before you enter into the winter is when you should go about reviewing your home and making the necessary changes to heat your home efficiently. Start with reviewing your windows and make sure that your windows are doubled planed and energy efficient. Most heat seeps out through your window panes and making sure your windows are properly sealed can help you to save significant amounts on your overall heating costs.

Next, review your heating system and have a technician to check to see that there are no oil or gas leaks in your heating system if you are noticing significantly higher bills. Perform any needed maintenance on your heating system to make sure it is operating effectively. This seems like a common sense recommendation, but heating technicians are often called to repair or replace a unit that would have been operating in good condition if there had been some basic maintenance performed during the life of the unit.

It may also be worthwhile to install an automatic thermostat where you can set temperatures based upon the time of day. If you will be away for a significant amount of time be sure to lower the temperature but make sure it is set at a reasonable level as a significant amount of heating costs are incurred to raise the heating temperature if you lower it too low. Generally speaking, keep your heating temperature about ten to fifteen degrees below what you would like it to be when you return home. Make sure the automatic thermostat is set to different temperatures on weekends or holidays when you will be home.

One final recommendation for oil heat home owners. Since oil prices can fluctuate significantly, monitor oil prices and take advantage of low price points by purchasing a large oil delivery when possible. This can lead to a significantly lower heating cost overall.

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