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A Complete Guide to Replacing Your AC and Heating at the Same Time

It's a question many Vancouver, BC homeowners will ask themselves at one point. Should I replace my heating and air conditioner at the same time? The answer is: it depends. Replacing any HVAC components is a big job.

Several different things factor into the equation, and the truth is there are times when it's a good idea and others when it's not. How can you tell if it's the right time? That's what we're here to help with. Here's a complete guide to replacing your AC and heating system at the same time.

When to Replace Your Furnace and AC at the Same Time

“isittime”There are a handful of reasons you might want to replace both devices in your HVAC system simultaneously. They are as follows:

Furnace Is Over 10 Years Old: A typical furnace can last about 20 years, twice as long as an air conditioner at 10 years. Since replacing a furnace by itself will cost from $2,000-$5,000, but only $1,000-$2,000 if you install it together with an AC, it makes financial sense to get the package deal if the furnace is over 10 years old.

You're Buying a High-Efficiency AC: Both of these devices share certain components of the HVAC system. If you purchase a high-efficiency air conditioner but stick with the same old furnace, you might not be getting the most out of your new machine. If you're interested in increasing energy efficiency, upgrade both at the same time.

Installing New Units Is Difficult: Part of a contractor's fee when replacing HVAC devices is how difficult the job will be. If your furnace and AC are tucked away somewhere hard to reach, the price will go up. Instead of paying lots of money to install both units at different times, it might make more sense to set them up simultaneously.

You're Approaching Retirement: Before you're about to leave the workforce and live on a fixed income, it makes sense ensure your home is in tip-top shape. Get both replaced if you're set to retire soon.

When Not to Replace Your Furnace and AC at the Same Time

“timeismoney”On the flip side, there are a few circumstances in which it isn't a good idea to replace both your furnace and air conditioner. If you can't afford to spend the extra cash, you shouldn't feel pressured into it.

In addition, if your furnace is less than 10 years old, there's no way it makes sense to do both at once. Only pull the trigger if it makes sense for your budget and needs.

Call for a Technician to Inspect the HVAC System

“whatpros”Before you make a purchasing decision, you should always consult with an HVAC technician. They will be able to evaluate the state of both your furnace and air conditioner and tell you if it makes sense to replace either of them.

If you've taken good care of your home comfort devices, they can last longer than expected. Always get a professional opinion first.