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Get The Crud Out of Your Ducts & Vents ASAP

5 Signs That Your Air Duct Needs To Be Cleaned

Vancouver Air QualityYour air ducts work hard to keep your air clean. However, if you’re not working hard to keep your air ducts clean, things can go wrong quickly. You need to make sure your air ducts are being cleaned routinely to ensure your home is free of toxins, harmful bacteria, allergens, and mold.

Even if you’ve never had respiratory issues, dirty air ducts will cause you to have those issues. Below, you’ll find five signs that your air ducts are in need of a cleaning.

5) Visible Mold Growth In The Ducts Or Vent Covers

While some sections of your HVAC system inaccessible, there are still some areas you can get to. You need to check the areas that are easy to access for mold growth. If you suspect an issue, you need a service provider to take a look.

4) You Have An Infestation

If you have insects or rodents setting up camp in your air ducts, the chance of you having an issue with sanitation is pretty high. Your air ducts will need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure your health hazards are removed completely. If you see fecal matter or nests, you need to seek help immediately.

3) You Notice A Clog

Not only will clogs cause your air ducts to push debris through your ventilation system, but it causes your system to work harder than it is intended to. This causes poor air quality and excessive energy usage. Clogs need to be addressed the moment they are discovered.

2) Dirty Air Filters Vancouver Duct Cleaning

If your air filters have to be cleaned too frequently, this could be a sign that your air ducts are dirty. Simply cleaning the filter will not solve your problem. You need an air duct cleaning technician to handle the job.

1) You Had A Mold Issue That Wasn’t Corrected The First Time

If you’ve had a mold issue in your air ducts before, but the problem wasn’t resolved; it's likely that you’ll need your air ducts cleaned again. Whether you notice a foul smell coming from your vents, visible mold, or excessive water buildup, you need to turn to a professional for help. Mold is not something that should be taken lightly. It requires immediate attention to ensure you remain in good health.

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