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Get Rid That Nasty Kitchen Smell With One Call

Maintaining a Garbage Disposal

Garbage DisposalWhen you notice that you have bad smells coming from the garbage disposal, you need to take steps that are going to help you. Your kitchen should not smell bad, and you need to make sure the smell does not take over the sink area. You want to have a pleasant experience in the kitchen, but you cannot have this pleasant experience if the garbage disposal smells bad.

The Appointment

When you call for a plumber, the plumber is going to take great care to check on the disposal. They will inspect the entire unit for problems. The smell could come from small food particles that are stuck in the system, or they could find that there is a small item that is clogged inside the unit.

A professional plumber is able to disassemble the garbage disposal to see what is going on inside. Your plumber can replace the blades on the inside of the disposal, and they can fix the wiring on the disposal. You want your disposal to run at the right speed, and you need to make sure that your plumber replaces all the parts inside the unit.

The Pipes Under The Sink

Vancouver PlumberThere are times when the pipes located just behind the garbage disposal. The pipes can harbor small food items for years without anyone taking notice. This is a major problem for you because these smells come through the whole system. You will smell the food particles in the cabinet underneath, and the smell will come through to the sink.

A plumber can remove all these food items from the pipes, and they can snake these pipes to make sure there are no other food particles in the system. This helps you to keep your whole house clean. You may not look at these pipes, but you need to keep an eye on them for your own safety.

When you want to get rid of the smell in the kitchen, you need to call a plumber for help. They can fix your garbage disposal, and they can check the pipes under the sink for hidden food particles.

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