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Why you should install a high efficiency AC unit in your home

Vancouver AC InstallationIf your air conditioning unit is more than ten years old you should probably consider purchasing a newer unit, especially if your old unit is required frequent repairs. The most important reason to purchase a high efficiency AC unit is to lower your energy bills. In several cases it is more expensive to install a new efficiency unit especially if your home requires new duct work, however the savings you will reap will pay for the upfront costs in the long run. You want to make sure you choose a unit that has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of 14+ as these will be the most efficient. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not replacing all the components while replacing the unit.

An added benefit is your ability to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce pollution. Another benefit is the added value your home will earn as green features are becoming more sought after by home buyers. When buying an energy efficient air conditioner there are three important things to remember. You want to purchase a unit suited to your property make sure it's not too big for your home, check the efficiency rating, and make sure it's installed properly. Most energy efficient units fail because they are too big or too small for the property. Remember the wrong sized air conditioner turns on and off more than you may need thus costing you more money and energy. It also doesn't possess the ability to dehumidify the air as well. Different models handle moisture differently, you want to choose an air conditioning unit that is suitable for your climate.

Vancouver AC ServicesToday's energy efficient air conditioners consume 30% to 50% less power and still give you the same cooling as older models. You can save yourself 20% to 40%f of your energy costs by updating to a newer model. The revolutionary component of these types of air conditioning units is the use of water to cool the coils and keep your home cool when temperatures reach over 35 degrees.

Some additional reasons to switch to a high energy efficient air conditioning unit are better performance with variable speed and dual compressors to help keep your home a constant temperature. These units will have a longer operating life will less on and off, which maximizes efficiency and less repairs and there is no freon used in the newer units.

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