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Want to Conserve Water this Summer? Ways to Keep It Fun

With the mid-summer heat hitting us with all of its might, it’s time to get out in the sun and enjoy all of the fun summer has to offer.

However, this time of year also comes with extremely high levels of water evaporation due to excessive heat, longer daylight, and perhaps a lack of rain, which depletes our most precious resource, water.

This time of year is a great way to start the conversation about water conservation with your child. We’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks, and fun activities that you can talk about with your loved ones to bring water conservation into their everyday routines.

Conserving Water While Still Having Fun

If you have young children, you understand just how fun, educational play can be for them. Taking that knowledge, you can turn a water conservation conversation and turn it into a game that you’ll all love: water conservation Bingo.

Sit down with your child, and create a Bingo card filled with water-saving challenges, like remembering to turn off the tap when they’re brushing their teeth, or keeping showers under 5 minutes long.

Whoever first fills up their Bingo card should be presented with a fun prize, such as a full week off of chore duties, or getting to choose the next family movie-night film.

Make Hose and Sprinkler Play More Efficient

Even adults remember the fun of running through a sprinkler or being sprayed with a hose on the hottest of summer days. Although these activities are extremely cooling, they tend to use up more water than is necessary to cool off.

If you want your child to be able to cool off, let them run through the spray from a high-efficiency hose nozzle as you wash your car, or allow them to play in the sprinkler for the limited time you have it on while the garden is being watered.

Water Activities that are Fun and Efficient

Water conservation is important, especially as we move into the future. Plant the seeds of water conservation into your child’s life early with these fun and water-efficient activities:

  • When it’s raining, get your child’s swimsuit on and let them play in the yard.
  • Save rainwater in a barrel in your backyard and use it for water-based activities like water balloon making
  • Get your child to help with vehicle washing using a high-efficiency hose nozzle and environmentally-friendly soap