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Benefits Of Ductless Mini Splits

Mini splits and you

Vancouver HVACDuctless Mini Splits are air conditioners which offer a wide range of benefits for homes and businesses. Used in Japan for many years, these air conditioners are now making their mark in North America. Ductless mini splits are perfect for homes and businesses built many years ago which don't have any ductwork and so cannot accommodate many of the newer air condition systems. They can be used in older multi-family homes which use radiant panels or wood stoves. Commercially, the ductless mini splits have a number of uses. They're often used in schools, large arenas, auditoriums and warehouses, restaurant kitchens and small offices.

The ductless mini splits are secure, easy to install and operate very quietly. The mini splits are also versatile. Not only can they be used in older homes, they are also ideal for use in many types of businesses. The can be used in structures which have been retrofitted with new air conditioning systems or have them introduced as add-ons. The fact that ductless mini splits can function efficiently without having to add any new infrastructure makes them very valuable. They can save property owners thousands of dollars and tons of time because they can be used in those older structures with no problem.

The air conditioning systems are easily able to combine the flexibility of conventional zone or room units which have air conditioning units set up in the windows with central cooling systems which a designed to cool the entire structure. Ductless mini splits can help to eliminate the loss of cool air which sometimes plagues systems which use ducts. They can also have their compressor set up in an inconspicuous area while the unit cools areas up to 50 feet away. The compressors which work with the ductless systems can also be placed on the rooftops of commercial structures. 

Another of the benefits of the ductless mini splits is their low operating cost. Thermostats independently control the units in each area of the structure and this can lower costs because they can be set up to only cool the rooms that are being used.

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