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Balancing Out Your Air

Why Room Temperatures Will Be Different

Have you walked into one room with warm temperatures, but another room had cooler temperatures? There could be several reasons for this, especially if the rooms are right next to each other. Rooms that are on the same level may not heat up the same or cool down the same because of their size, location, the insulation in the room and more. You can expect a room that is larger in size to have a much harder time getting warm than a small room, especially if it’s forced air warming up the room. Although it may be nearly impossible to get each room to be the exact same temperature, it is possible to get the rooms to somewhat of a consistent temperature, especially if a few things are done to keep the rooms at a particular temperature.

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Keeping The Temperatures In Each Room Consistent

First, it’s necessary to have a thermostat in your Vancouver home that turns on and off the HVAC system. Some homes have older thermostats that are not digital, and these can be a bit more difficult to figure out, so it may be wise to upgrade to a digital thermostat. Digital thermostats can allow you to set the system to turn off once it gets to a certain temperature, and it’s even possible to program the system via Wi-Fi, depending on what type of thermostat you have.

Warming each room to a certain temperature depends on the HVAC system, so make sure it’s running properly and the fans are circulating. If the heat is running properly, then allow the fan in the HVAC unit to continue running, even if the unit is off and is no longer pushing out heat. Allowing the fan to continue running may help to even out the temperatures in the rooms.

Have The Heating Or Cooling System Checked

HVAC systems and furnaces have problems all the time, so the lack of consistent temperatures on the same level may be a result of an HVAC unit that is not acting properly. Maintenance of an HVAC unit should be done every year, especially before turning it on again once it’s been off for a while. If you haven’t done so already, get a Vancouver maintenance person out to check on your HVAC unit, and inquire about the inconsistent room temperatures you’re facing.

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