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A Quick Guide to General Plumbing Myths


By understanding more about your home systems and by clearing up the myths that persistently surround the topic, you can ensure optimal performance from your plumbing equipment. Our team has many years’ experience in the plumbing industry.

We’ve answered homeowners’ questions and helped them achieve a more in-depth understanding on systems functionality, driving them to achieve full return on investment in their plumbing infrastructure. In this latest, post, we’ll present our guide to common plumbing myths.

Creatures Cannot Swim Up Pipesrats-in-pipes

It might seem counterintuitive, but there are several instances of creatures swimming up home pipes and ending up in home plumbing structures. Animals such as rats are known to find their way into exterior piping systems as a way to keep warm during the cooler months. They can then crawl through connections throughout the home, sometimes finding their way into home toilets and sinks.

Plungers Can Fix Any Clog

Clogs in the home plumbing system can keep you from using the toilet and sink for several days. And sometimes the clog cannot be resolved with a plunger, no matter how strongly you try to force the suction system to remove the problem.

There are clogs that can only be removed with the assistance of professional plumbers. And so, if you’ve spent several hours trying to resolve a clog with little success, it might be time to bring in professional help to fix the issue.


Leaking Faucets Aren’t a Major Problem

Many homeowners live with a leaky faucet for several months or more. But this is a problem that can cause significant damage over time.

A leaking faucet can add hundreds of dollars to your home water costs over a year. And it can also cause problems with system performance in future, if it’s not resolved in a quick timeframe.

If Water Is Draining, There’s No Clogclogged-drains

This simply isn’t true. While you might be satisfied with the performance of a slow drain, the problem can become exacerbated over time. A clog lower down in the system, could be allowing some water through, only for the problem to grow as more contaminants enter the plumbing structure.

In a short amount of time, you could be facing a significant clog. As soon as water begins draining slowly, it’s the ideal time to have a specialist look at the system and remove any problems. This will ensure you achieve peak water-use efficiency moving forward.

Our Vancouver, BC team is here to guide you as we uncover the many myths surrounding plumbing systems performance. To learn more about how to keep your systems running to peak efficiency, call us now at (604) 734-0890.