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5 Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance

Does your AC need maintenance?

5 Signs Your AC Needs MaintenanceThe AC is the one system in the home that we depend on the most. When problems arise, the family can be left uncomfortable and unable to function normally within the home. Because it is supposed to keep the home a comfortable temperature, when it is on the fritz it is important to get repairs done immediately. Here are some signs the AC is having mechanical issues. 

Blowing Hot Air: One of the most common problems an HVAC has is the fact that it is blowing hot air. When the hot air starts blowing, it can be one of many things that can go wrong. The most common things are refrigerant leaks and electrical wiring mishaps. Only a certified technician can diagnose this type of problem.

Making a Loud Noise: This is one of the most common problems people encounter, a loud noise. If a unit is banging and making lots of noise, this could be signs of major trouble. Anything from a screw loose inside the unit to a fan blade about to go out can be diagnosed. When a unit sounds out of kilter, call in a professional.

Leaking Fluid: AC units use refrigerant to heat the warm air and change it to cool air. Overtime holes can develop in the condensers and other parts and the refrigerant can leak. Once all the fluid is gone or low, the unit will blow warm air. If fluid is seen on the ground around the unit, it’s time to call in help.

Icing Over: People think that by turning their AC down all the way they will get their home cooler. In fact, an AC unit will only reduce the inside temperatures to about 20 degrees below the outside temperatures. Turning the unit down too low can cause the unit to ice over. Another reason the unit will ice up is a refrigerant leak inside the unit.

Is Not Keeping the House Cool: If a system just cannot keep up with the homes comfort needs it could be a sign something is wrong. While something may be wrong, it also could mean that it’s time to replace the unit. As a unit ages, the unit will lose efficiency. Replacing a unit can save the homeowner’s time and money, as they pay for themselves in energy savings alone.

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