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5 Practical Ideas For Preparing Your Home When You’re On Vacation

The countdown to your well-deserved vacation is on! It's a time for you and your family to enjoy yourselves, take a well-deserved break and unwind.

water heater vacation mode

But imagine how quickly that well-rested, stress-free feeling would disappear if you returned home and found serious damage had been caused by a leaking or a malfunctioning appliance.

Here are five quick and easy home maintenance tips for preparing your house for your vacation away that will help to ensure that you don't return to a nasty and unpleasant surprise.

1 - Disconnect Your Appliances

Did you know that most major appliances consume electricity even when they're not on? By disconnecting your appliances before you leave for your vacation, not only will you reduce the amount of electricity consumed in your home and save money on your monthly utility bill, but you will also minimize the risk of an appliance short-circuiting and starting a fire.

Of course, your refrigerator and freezer should remain connected if there is any food that you wish to keep.

2 - Shut Off the Water Supply

If a pipe were to break or to burst while you were away, water could potentially flow into your home, unabated, causing serious damage. It could result in the loss of some treasured possessions and lead to significant structural damage in your home.

You can prevent this from happening by turning off the water supply to your home while you're away. The main water shut-off valve is most often located in the basement near your water meter.

3 - Set Your Water Heater to Vacation Mode

Most newer water heaters have a vacation mode setting (sometimes marked as VAC). This setting drops the temperature to conserve energy while hot water is not needed.

If you have a water heater without a vacation mode setting, you can simply turn the temperature down, or, if it is an electric model, you can also opt to turn it off at the breaker panel.

Keep in mind that, unless someone returns it to its regular setting before you arrive home, it will take some time for you to have hot water upon your return.

4 - Clean Out Your Garbage Disposal

travelBits of food remaining in your garbage disposal while you're away on vacation will begin to decay and cause a strong, unpleasant odor. It could also attract pesky insects. To avoid being met by noxious fumes upon your return home, thoroughly cleaning out your garbage disposal unit before leaving is a good idea. You can do this by simply running it for a little while with the water running.

5 - Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Check In

No amount of home maintenance prep can fully ensure that no mishaps occur while you're away. By having a trusted friend or neighbor come into your home every few days, it will help to give you greater peace of mind and make sure that everything is okay.

Did you know that some home insurance providers may deny or limit the amount of a claim made that damage has occurred while the home was left unattended for an extended time? By having someone check, you'll also be limiting liability.

If you would like some assistance in getting your home ready for your vacation, the experts at Lambert Plumbing and Heating Ltd in Vancouver, BC are here to help. Call us at (604) 734-0890 to book an appointment.