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10 Reasons to Say Yes to a Garbage Disposal

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Garbage Disposal Installed

Vancouver PlumberProfessionals from plumbers to realtors highly recommend garbage disposals. It is much like a dishwasher. Once a person gets used to it, it is hard to live without one.

Less Odor

No matter how neat a home is, gunk building up in the pipes can lead to an odor that wafts into the home. A garbage disposal eliminates most of the gunk, thus cutting off the odor before it has a chance to develop.

Easier Meal Clean Up

A fastidious homemaker always make sure to scrape dishes completely clean before rinsing or washing them in the sink if there is no garbage disposal. With a garbage disposal, cleaning up after meals becomes much easier because rinsing food down the drain is no problem.

Easier Kitchen Clean Up

Even when clean up is done carefully, bits of food wind up in the sink. If a garbage disposal is in place, cleaning the sink becomes much quicker.

Garbage Disposals Work Fast

Garbage disposals are whizzes at chopping up food. A typical amount of food can be ground and rinsed down the drain in a matter of a few seconds.

Save Money

The savings are subtle, but a garbage disposal that is operational for a typical amount of time pays for itself. Homeowners spend less money on garbage bags, drain cleaners, deodorizers, etc.

Fewer Losses Down the Drain

A wedding ring lost down the drain is a common comedy shtick. However, it, and issues like it, are also common in the home. No one wants to lose valuables down the sink. Oftentimes, a disposal will catch valuables before they have a chance to go down the drain. Just do not turn it on!

Cleaning Out the Fridge is Less Painful

Building off the idea that cleaning dishes is easier, so is cleaning the fridge. The once painful task of disposing of leftovers only takes a few minutes with a garbage disposal.

Fewer Pests

When there is no food in the drain and less food in the trash, fewer pests like ants and gnats are attracted to a kitchen. This also means fewer pest control costs.

Fewer Clogs

The most obvious benefit of having a garbage disposal is that the sink will stop clogging, for the most part. The device chews up anything that would typically get stuck in the drain.

Some Clogs are Easier to RemoveVancouver Garbage Disposal

Even if a sink is a bit backed up with a garbage disposal in place, it is easier to remove the clogs in the disposal area. Simply run some water and turn on the motor.

Smelling a stink in the sink of your Vancouver home? That means you need a garbage disposal. Call Lambert Plumbing and Heating at 604-734-0890, and have an expert install one today!