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Why is my house not heating up?

The Importance Of Checking your Heating System Before the Winter

Vancouver HeatingThe unmistakable signs of the arrival of winter are showing themselves every day. The summer sun has given way to the harvest moon and some of the stores are already starting to put out their holiday displays. If your cooling system has gotten you safely and comfortably through the summer, you should be thinking ahead to preparing your heating system for the chilly weather in winter.

You need to have a strategy that anticipates the possible problems your heating system may face throughout the season. You can do this by following three basic steps that you must take when it comes to preparing your home for winter.

First, give your heating system a test drive before the cold weather gets here. Take very careful notes of what you discover so you may point these items out to the professional heating specialists you will bring in to perform any needed maintenance. For instance, do all the vents have air flowing through them? Do they give off an unusual odor? Do the thermostats seem to be working correctly? Are you hearing unusual noises from the heating system? By noting these items in advance, you can make the task of your heating specialist much easier.

Second, call in a heating professional that you can rely upon and trust, and pay close attention to the recommendations they make. They will be able to update you on the usefulness of your filters, the efficiency of your heating system and the integrity of your ductwork. Your heating specialist can run tests on your system that go far beyond the observations you made during the test drive, and they can formulate a comprehensive plan for keeping you warm throughout the winter for the smallest fuel costs. If there are weaknesses in your system the professionals will find them and explain what can be done to strengthen your heating delivery system.

Third, act on their suggestions before the weather turns colder. By doing so, you increase the probability of making it through the winter with the minimum of discomfort and interruption. Once your professional heating specialists have inspected, improved and maintained your heating system they will be familiar with the finest details and know exactly what needs to be done in an emergency. 

Here’s a bonus tip: program the telephone number of your trusted heating specialists into both your landline and your cell phone. You will eliminate any confusion should you find yourself with a heating emergency by having the contact number close at hand. Time will be of prime importance and you can save time by calling the people who are familiar with your system. Stay warm. 

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